Born To Live

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Born to live
And not to die
Forever a place
For you and I
Though struggles and pain
Broken and tired
Still at peace
My fears subsided
In your presence
Since the day I turned
To your call.
All alone
They would not let me be
Through jeers and rants
My heart broke in two
But a broken heart you did not despise
Comfort you gave
Amidst my demise
Such a glory and wonder
To live this new life
How strange to have peace
When chaos survives.
If only they could see
The truth before their eyes.
And so press on I will
For the task is worthy
To share this love
This great story
That all may know
And come unto you
Born to live
And not to die

The beauty of night
I realise,
Comes not from the darkness
But the presence of light

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The Affair

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The soft caress of her tongue flicked across his cheek. It felt good.
Her warm embrace made him feel safe.
Peace and promise filled his eyes, flooding his mind, and washing over memories past.
This was good. This was meant to be.
So sharp was the blade, that he did not feel it pierce his flesh.
Deeper and deeper it pressed, until blood ran like water from his body.
Her hand slid from the bloodied knife, a smile on her lips.
The essence of life running from his body.
Growing weaker, death rising up to meet him.
No more warmth, but cold and pain.
Tears flowing. What have I done?
Where was the good?
Now only pain.
And death.

A Dream

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the light broke through a dark sky
and where it shone through, the clouds began to move.
how strange and beautiful they moved
look, now i see
angelic beings moving about
as if made of the clouds themselves.
what are they doing, i strain to see,
moving to and fro in seeming chaos,
when a hellish being rushes down towards me.
screaming in fury i could see the anger on his face
his glare locked on to me as he slammed through the ground.
perhaps a war was waging? i can only guess.
then a glory, such a wonder i beheld
of such a man i cannot describe
moving down towards me reaching out his hand
calling me to come up on high
the hand so big, its presence was power, yet gentle and mild
almost having a voice of its own
calling me to take hold
for a moment i said no
too afraid of the hight
then stretched out my hand saying yes, take me with you!
what a strange sensation, ascending on high
the earth vanishing beneath me
the wind rushing by
still tight my hand was held
until up into the clouds we went.
how strange from there did the story continue
but that may be for another time.
to be remembered most of all
is that being in his presence, nothing mattered
no, nothing at all
no sickness, no pain, no joy or despair
required an answer.
only absolute peace
when in the presence of him who is all



i went away

to a dark place

it was lonely

and i wrestled with myself

i was able to return

and am stronger now

ive given up dreaming

now i just exist

where to from here?


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The Plan

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The plan was Jesus from the beginning.
The plan was restoration – God and man
The Jews were not the plan, just part of it.
God’s image was the plan.
The creation of a family, refined by fire – to worship God forever!

Man’s quest for Heaven

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Man’s quest for Heaven

It would seem that man has immortality built into his nature.
He is forever seeking, wondering; creating ideas on an afterlife.
They gaze up into the universe and contemplate not on its glorious magnitude, but what lies Outside of it!

Yet do I not find myself pondering an afterlife? Or thinking upon those things which lie so far beyond our reach?

Because when you have found the Creator, you no longer search creation.

When you have an intimate relationship with the Ultimate, there is no longer a desire to seek out fulfilment in other areas.

Consider these:
When you are together with the person you love, do you go looking for someone else to be with?
Why does an adopted child so often seek out their parent?

These things are shadows of a greater force within us; of a bond between a creator and creation.
For as it is written, “He made them in His image”.
And still further, “He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils and the man became a living person.”
Our life force itself, our spirit, is the spirit of God!

For those in Christ, we have been restored to our Father.
For those not, they will continue to search.

This peace I have in me, placed there by Jesus the son of God: that my salvation is secure; that there is an everlasting glory to come after this earth; that I have a Father who loves me, and will never let me go.

You will hurt me

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You will hurt me
And I will love you
You will fail me
And I will love you
You will let me down
And I will love you

You will test my patience
And I will love you
You will make me sad
And I will love you
You will say the wrong things
You will stir my anger
And yet I will love you

You will love me
And I will love you even more
Because you mean more to me than life
You are My child
Created in My image

And even as I am in you
And you in Me
I am Love


To live is Christ

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Ramblings

Phil 1:21 – for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.
What a profound statement! Do we grasp its reality? The depth of what Paul was saying?
For how many of us “live” for Christ?

Why do I live? Why do I get up every day and go and work in a job that I no longer enjoy?
For the world?
For pleasures?
For my family.
I love them. I live for them.

If they were to go, would I still rest in Christ? Or would I give up on life?

I love God, but is my relationship with him the same as the bond I have with my wife, or my children?

Then there is the key: I must spend time with God as I would my family.
Can a relationship grow with only a passing hello and goodbye?

Perhaps I judge too harshly, for many of our hearts beat for God.

So let us ask ourselves: who do we want God to be in our lives?
A passing friend or a dear Father?



I’ve been wondering

Posted: February 27, 2012 in poems, Ramblings
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So lately I’ve been wondering
Where were you all my life
In the darkness of my own heart
Were you really by my side

You know I’ve always loved you
Even before there was time
And though you never knew me
I was watching over you

I should have come sooner
Before I made all my mistakes
Life could have been easier
Without the shame of my own ways

My love, I have called you
Even before you were born
And my strength is made perfect
Through the weakness of your ways
So rejoice, lovely child
Rejoice and turn away, from all that keeps you down
Endure, and I will crown you
With life complete, full of joy and peace, for all eternity.